Exporting Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST

Below is an easy script showing how to export a user Mailbox to a .pst file and subsequently how to send an E-mail to specified user with the information of successful (or not) export.

#Create export task and save the pst file to a network share New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox "User1" -BadItemLimit ’20’ -FilePath "\\mailboxserver\pstexport$\"   #Create […]

Configuring Exchange 2010 Services for using wildcard certificates

I recognized, that many people do have problems with configuring Exchange with wildcard certificates. The reason for this is probably that it’s not possible to configure all services the same way and each need a special configuration that the administrator have to think of. I’ll try to give you a comprehensive guide how to configure […]

Exchange 2010 Tracking Log for last 30 minutes

Here is a script I made to get a tracking log from Exchange hub transport server for last 30 minutes.

get-messagetrackinglog -EventID "RECEIVE" -Server hub2 -Start (((get-date -UFormat "%m-%d-%Y")` + " " + ((Get-Date).Addminutes(-30)).ToLongTimeString())) | ft Sender, recipients, MessageSubject, Timestamp