Reseting OOF state in Exchange 2010

Do you want reset the Out Of Office state for your Users so that the OOF message is not send only once to the sender while the OOF is active? Here is a small script that I’ve created for this. You can add this script to the task scheduler and run it each night. That […]

Cisco CLI Role Based Administration + Radius (Part I)

Hi, this time I’ll try to give you a comprehensive guide on how to configure Cisco CLI Role Based Administration together with Windows Radius Authentication using Windows 2008 NPS. This part will concern only configuring Radius Authentication without separating different Administration Roles. In next article I will show you how you can give some users […]

Send as Distribution Group

It’s not difficult to add a user right to send as another user. You can achieve that using Exchange Management Console and a task “Manage Send As permission”. This easy task gets more complicated if the user wants to send an E-mail as a distribution group instead sending as another user. The permission to send […]

Looking for Mailboxes not being used

Did you have a request to find all mailboxes not being used for an extended period of time? For example 180 days? You could look for Users that haven’t logged in in AD using dsquery or maybe adfind. But what if you have mailboxes that are assigned to multiple users and the mailbox owner never […]