How to remove ghost Network Interfaces in Windows 7/2008

Sometimes when you remove an old network interface, even if you uninstall drivers for that interface, the information about it and some data stays in the registry. It’s not critical situation but you’ll be unable to rename a new Interface connection to the same as the old one was, you will also not able to […]

Wrong HomeMTA, Event ID 2937

After migrating to Exchange 2010 and deleting the last Exchange 2003 or 2007 Server, it’s possible that you’ll get event warnings coming from MSExchange ADAccess with event ID 2937. In that case you’ll see something like that:

Process w3wp.exe () (PID=5884). Object [CN=User1,OU=!Users,DC=dc,DC=test,DC=com]. Property [HomeMTA] is set to value [ Objects/Microsoft MTA DEL:e5d442f7-b37a-4b80-84e2-4212b78db7bf], it is […]