Automatic Archive function in Cisco devices

Cisco devices include some usable function to automatically save current configuration to Archive. This can be a great approach to start with backups of the configuration.

To use it you need to add something like following statements:

configure terminal
path tftp://$h-config

In configuration mode you need to enter the archive sub-mode then you can add a path to your archive, which can be a TFTP, FTP Server or even flash file system on your Switch or Router. You can also use variables like $h for hostname or $t for time stamp. You can also schedule at which times will the configuration be automatically copied to the archive path. In the example above I decided to use statement ‘write-memory’ which means that everytime the configuration will be saved it will be also automatically copied to the archive. In the archive you can save many versions and with ‘show archive’ you can see all of them and even decide which version you’d like to restore. Great feature, isn’t it?


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