Send as Distribution Group

It’s not difficult to add a user right to send as another user. You can achieve that using Exchange Management Console and  a task “Manage Send As permission”. This easy task gets more complicated if the user wants to send an E-mail as a distribution group instead sending as another user. The permission to send as DG cannot be added with Exchange GUI tolls, unfortunately. You can though, accomplish that task using Powershell. Here is how to do it:

Set-DistributionGroup test_dg -GrantSendOnBehalfTo "new_user"

And if you have already some users being able to send as the group, you can add new ones using following PS script

$dl = Get-DistributionGroup (Read-Host "DL Name")
$dl.grantsendonbehalfto += read-host "new email"
Set-DistributionGroup $dl -GrantSendOnBehalfTo $dl.grantsendonbehalfto



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