Wrong HomeMTA, Event ID 2937

After migrating to Exchange 2010 and deleting the last Exchange 2003 or 2007 Server, it’s possible that you’ll get event warnings coming from MSExchange ADAccess with event ID 2937. In that case you’ll see something like that:

Process w3wp.exe () (PID=5884). Object [CN=User1,OU=!Users,DC=dc,DC=test,DC=com]. Property [HomeMTA]
is set to value [ Objects/Microsoft MTA
DEL:e5d442f7-b37a-4b80-84e2-4212b78db7bf], it is pointing to the Deleted Objects container in Active Directory.
This property should be fixed as soon as possible.

This occurs for users that actively use Exchange and exist in the Directory. To resolve the issue you just execute

Get-Mailbox [user] | Update-Recipient

This way the HomeMTA Attribute of the User is being checked and updated with the new right value.
Of course you can also do it for all users, that encounter the issue:

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties | where {$_.homemta -match "del"} | Get-mailbox | Update-Recipient


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