BSOD Process1_initialization_failed Stop: 0x0000006B

Recently I got a very unpleasant Error on my Exchange 2010 SP1 running on Windows 2008 R2 SP1. After installing some MS Patches (KB2494016, KB2520235, KB2521907) I was forced to restart the server and after that came the bad news. Server didn’t want to come up, resulting in a blue screen with enigmatic description
STOP: 0X0000006B

After trying different options with F8 and Last Known Good Configuration, Safe Mode or even disabling Driver Signature I came up with an Idea from Internet. Below are the steps to solve the problem (the Problem can have many varied sources, from hardware failure to software issues and even Trojans, but in ca. 80% cases this solution should work)

  1. After rebooting the Server from Blue Screen there is an option to go to recovery options
  2. As the first thing we need to choose the right language and after that we can login with an local Administrator.
  3. Then we get a window with 3 options like Recovering from last recovery image, starting a Command Line Prompt, something that I don’t remember[sorry].
  4. We choose the command Line and go to c:\windows\system32\codeintegrity, you’ll find there a file bootcat.cache which is very probably corrupted.
  5. If you have such a file on other similar system (the same OS Version, same Platform) you should copy that file on USB Stick and overwrite the one on the system that’s not running.

That was what I did. Some tips say, you could also just delete the corrupt file and reboot the Server, but I didn’t try that. Important is though, you shouldn’t just rename the corrupt file while keeping its main name, like to bootcat.cache.old – that solution is not working and the server comes again to a Blue Screen after reboot.

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